Lung Chi Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. With years of experience in the field of transformers, we hope to provide customers with more specialized, diverse, comprehensive, and excellent services.
R&D and Design Team
Efficient Production Process
High Precision Testing
Sustainable Development
Because of Persistence
Walking further in faith, the R&D and Design Team with more than 25 years’ experience continues to achieve innovation for development of the traditional transformer industry.
Improve automated process, increase on-site operational efficiency, and optimize human resources.
Stability and Reliability
Stability is our consistency goal. In recent years, we have invested in more testing and R&D equipment to improve the durability and reliability of products.
Improve Manufacturing Process
Conserve energy as well as materials, and improve the quality, accuracy, and stability of transformers.
Factory Design and Planning
Products cannot speak for themselves. We rely on customers’ trust in Lung Chi. Therefore, to expand more businesses to international markets and for domestic demand, Lung Chi established Shih Yu Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. in 2013 to provide better service quality. In addition to transformers, it provides customers with other motor-related components for customers to choose and save the trouble of purchasing from multiple sources.
Lung Chi and Shih Yu are inseparable corporate entities. To provide better service quality, we moved into Taiping Industrial Park in 2022 for running deep in business. The design, planning and construction of the factory even took up to three years. In the 2,000-ping factory, in addition to automated production equipment, assembly, and shipping areas, the facilities such as dining rooms, audio-visual rooms, entertainment rooms, large conference rooms, and product display rooms are also prudently planned, which provide employees with a better working environment and leisure space.
Sustainable Development
To support the world’s demand for more sustainable development, energy conservation and carbon reduction have become the projects that enterprises cannot ignore at all. We have planned a photovoltaic system at the corporate headquarters to collect and use green energy. The colleagues at Lung Chi respond to the environmental protection by doing a good job in garbage classification and recycling as well.
Business Philosophy
As generations change and bringing forth the new through the old, traditional industries should also change accordingly. For that reason, Lung Chi continues to revitalize the traditional transformer industry, including the replacement of old equipment with new ones and automated process equipment.
High Efficiency Process
Professional and computerized testing systems as well as smooth production management have been constantly improved to increase process efficiency, thereby winning customers’ trust and royalty.
Integrated Work Process
Facing the rapidly competitive industry, we have an integrated set of operating procedures to provide customers with prompt and professional services.
Only a good working environment, excellent process equipment, and sufficient raw material inventory can provide customers with fast delivery and high-quality products. Corporate integrity is our purpose. Trust us.
What we give to customers are not only products but our persistence and integrity.
Professional Team
The company’s operation is the fruit of our efforts of the entire management team. Lung Chi takes a pragmatic approach to create a better operating environment for the company and its employees.
High Quality Products
We believe that we will not only create high-quality products for you because of our efforts, but you will also realize Lung Chi’s diligence in running the enterprise.